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Naruto Shippuden 203 - Sasuke's Ninja Ways { English Subs }

Storyline :
Madara explained to Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato that Itachi died for Sasuke's sake and for the Hidden Leaf Village. But why would Sasuke want to help Akatsuki. Wouldn't Sasuke want to carry out his brother's will and return to Hidden Leaf? Madar Uchiha further explains that, despite what Kakashi may think of Sasuke as his teacher, Sasuke is a true avenger. Sasuke will seek revenge against Hidden Leaf for what Leaf Village did to his brother Itachi and Uchiha Clan. Madara calls it "Uchiha Clan's blood-soaked destiny of hate, like a curse that has been passed down through the ages". He continues saying that with Sage of the Six Paths who was founder of ninja, preaches Ninshu. He entrusted this power and will of Ninshu to two of his children. The older son, born with Sage's eyes, chakra and mental energy. He believed that strength was crucial to peace. Yonger son was born with Sage's body, life force and physical energy. He believed that love was essential to peace. Old Sage had to make a choice between his two sons and this created a curse of hatred that continued for generations. Younger son who sought peace through love was name a successor to old Sage. It was long expected that the firstborn would become one, and so the older son could not accept his father's decision and he challenged his younger brother. For centuries onward descendants of these two brothers continued to battle. Descendants of the older brother came to be known as Uchiha, and descendants of the younger brother Senju.

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